Sunday, 3 June 2012

Snail City

We visited a new spot during our Waldkinder time this week.  
The children found many snails of varying sizes. 
Some of the children designed and constructed homes for them, building a snail city. 


 After our field trip on the Forchban, we were very interested in tickets. We looked at lots of examples of tickets, and designed our own tickets to use in our transport play.
Examples of tickets for research.

Forchban Field Trip

 We took a field trip to ride on the Forchban. We walked to our station and took the Forchban into the city!!
 After our field trip we used big boxes to make our own models of transport to play in.
Here is our Forchban and a boat that we designed and made.

Jo's Rainbow Pride (Her Library/Art Room)

Jo's Library/Art Room is a shrine to rainbow colours!! She creates the most gorgeous things, from beading to knitting. I have absolutely envy for her bookshelf and while she claims it is way too messy at the moment - I LOVE it!!

A Gorgeous Summer Soiree